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Karen Wilson

Barbie Layton is the most powerful intuitive I have ever worked with! I started working with her a little over a year ago to help me with manifesting abundance in my life. Since that time, she has given me many insights into blocks and limiting beliefs I had, that I didn’t know about and needed to clear. She has helped me clear them with her amazing abilities. I can count on any information she gives me. I always tell her “You can take it to the bank!”. She helped my husband avoid cancer by letting us know he needed a procedure. After he had the procedure he was told by the doctor that had he not had it, he would have had cancer! Her skills and abilities to pull information from the ethers are off the chart. She reads people like you would a newspaper. I am always amazed at how her she hones in to my energy with her laser focus and in a very short few minutes she has seen the issue and cleared it! This past year, I manifested more income than I ever have in my life. I will continue to work with her as there is no one like her anywhere and I know that I will continue to manifest higher and higher levels of income as I progress with her extraordinary help.

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