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Experience the thought provoking, intelligent, entertaining, and profoundly wise Best You Series Speaker and with the interview show “You Are Amazing!” where Barbie interviews key aspirational world thought leaders. See global stories of inspirational people who are doing amazing things around the world and want to share their stories with you! This channel will be completely “bingeable” with content found nowhere else! Come by and browse amazing stories from all over the world! 

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Barbie is am an amazing intuitive life coach. Her energy is so inspiring that you can’t help but move forward from each session with her.… Read more “Rhona Quin-Mcleod  Executive Business Director, United Kingdom August 2020”

Rhona Quin-Mcleod  Executive Business Director, United Kingdom August 2020

Over two years ago, she started telling my wife that I needed to have a medical procedure. I didn’t do it as I had been… Read more “Grant W – July 2020”

Grant W - 2020

Barbie is 100% psychic and a thoughtful coach. I had two coaching sessions with Barbie and each has exceeded my expectations. In the first session… Read more “Ivana C. – Ireland 2020”

Ivana C - Ireland 🇮🇪 2020

Barbie Layton is  extraordinary skilled at identifying and clearing root causes of problems. She is very multi-dimensional in her existence so can tune in on… Read more “”

Robin Masci LPCC 2020

Let me tell you about Barbie Layton, she has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Coached by her upgraded my consciousness and my life.… Read more “Jane Vera – New York 2020”

Jane Vera - 2020

I had couple of sessions with Barbie, both were about abundance and clearing money blocks, Barbie is very intuitive and she could tap into the… Read more “Najla M – Abu Dhabi – UAE 🇦🇪”

Najla M - Abu Dhabi - UAE 🇦🇪

The first time Barbie gave me a session, it literally blow my mind. She’s spotting the issue(s) fast and she gives her opinion in a… Read more “Myriam W. – Belgium 2020”

Myriam W. - Belgium 2020

Barbie is a Blockbusting Machine! Paving the way to your untapped potential. What’s even more ammmazing is that once you’ve worked with her, you’re in… Read more “Bethany Londyn – Thetahealer 2020”

Bethany Londyn - Thetahealer

Barbie’s clearing session was magical & reassuring. The denseness was removed, replaced by a feeling of lightness & connection with the Divine. I recognised the… Read more “Dr. Sabrina S. – India 🇮🇳”

Dr. Sabrina S. - India 🇮🇳

Barbie…. is an outstanding intuitive coach! She asks the right questions, listens and can pickup/read things that are always on-spot and guides me through clearing… Read more “Marco C. – Hong Kong 🇭🇰”

Marco C - Hong Kong

My time as a mentee under the guidance of Barbie Layton was an enriching experience. Throughout my time learning how to apply modern business practices… Read more “Andrew H – 2020”

Andrew H - 2020

Barbie Layton is the most powerful intuitive I have ever worked with! I started working with her a little over a year ago to help… Read more “Karen Wilson”

Karen Wilson

Barbie has glowing energy and effortless way of connecting to the core of what you need to clear any blocks to your best self. Her… Read more “Teany – New York”

Teany - New York


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Barbie is a sought after speaker, healer, author and coach. Her energy is contagious and elevating, get in touch to find out how you can get some of that Barbie shine.

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